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Cedar Fence Supplies at Viking Fence Dallas

When you’re looking for quality fence materials for a cedar fence project, turn to Viking Fence Dallas. We’re the leading source for cedar boards and other cedar fence supplies. Our excellent team will supply you with the best of the best when it comes to wood fence materials.

Cedar Pickets

Cedar is a popular choice for fencing because of its naturally beautiful color, resilience to weather and insects, and ability to be formed into various grades of pickets. The Dallas fencing specialists of Viking Fence use Western Red Cedar when preparing picket boards for commercial properties because it gives property owners a beautiful fence without high costs.

Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

Galvanized steel fence posts are popular for cedar fencing due to their strength and durability. Fences in Dallas need strength for the hard ground in the region and for fully supporting the cedar fence. For these reasons, galvanized steel is commonly used in fence construction in Dallas, with a wide range of potential applications. In particular, steel is popular for the construction of fence posts, which need to remain structurally sound in order to provide support for the entire fence.

dallas cedar rails

Cedar Rails

Cedar is one of the most popular types of wood used in the construction of fencing. This is due not only to its distinctive appearance, but also to its significant durability. Many varieties, such as Western Red Cedar, have decay-resistant properties which make them ideal for outdoor uses. If you would like to know more about the uses and benefits of cedar rails, contact the Dallas fence experts of Viking Fence today at 800-252-8117.

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Pre-Stained Fence Materials

The pre-stained fence material from Viking Fence Dallas is stained with Ready Seal®, a professional-grade, oil-based, semi-transparent stain and sealer. The purpose of Ready Seal® is to protect and prolong the life of wood used for outdoor wooden structures. The pre-stained material can be used for fences, gazebos, decks, outdoor furniture and more.

For Durable Cedar Fence Supplies, Call Viking Fence

Our Dallas Fence Experts Use the Best in Cedar Fencing Materials & Wood Boards. Contact Us

Viking Fence Dallas Makes Quality Western Red Cedar

Viking Fence is proud to serve customers throughout Texas. We are locally owned and operate our very own lumber mill where we craft quality products. It’s at our mill that we create top-notch fencing materials from the highest quality Western Red Cedar.

Our team knows that Western Red Cedars is the ideal choice when it comes to quality wood fencing options. It is highly treasured all over the globe for its durability, beauty, and its naturally sturdy and characteristics that make it perfect for residential and commercial applications. Also, it has virtually no carbon footprint. When you need quality cedar fence board, be sure to give us a call.

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