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Why Our Roof Battens Are the BestGE DIGITAL CAMERA

Roofing battens, or roofing slats, can be composed of many different materials that are cheap and bad for the environment. However, Viking Fence Company is focused on quality and sustainability. Our roofing battens are made from natural Western Red Cedar because of its durability and its origin as a sustainable renewable resource. Problematic alternatives for roof slats, like pressure-treated lumber, use synthetic chemicals like alkaline copper and copper azole. These chemicals found in pressure-treated wood causes nails to corrode. In order to stop this issue, manufacturers have to perform special flashing and add metal fasteners, which adds to the costs of your project. Save money by picking Western Red Cedar from Viking Fence Dallas for your roofing battens – because of its natural composition, it requires no special processing or metal fasteners.

Why Western Red Cedar For Your Roof?

Western Red Cedar is the best option for roof battens. It is widely known in the industry as one of the most durable natural materials available. Its natural resistance to wood devouring pests like termites and carpenter ants, plus its resistance to decay and mold, make the superior choice when compared to costly synthetic materials. In addition to being durable, our Western Red Cedar comes from renewable and sustainable sources in the Pacific Northwest forests.

How We Provide the Best Value to Our Customersbattons-final

Since we own and operate our own sawmill, we oversee the lumber from the forest to our inventory. This allows us to control the pricing of our materials and pass the savings on to our customers. How do we do it? We turn what would be scrapped pieces of high-quality wood into usable roofing slats. For every 4’ fence board we cut, we yield a 4’ x 2” x 1” roof batten from the excess lumber. This allows us to cut costs and reduce the prices on our roof battens. Our cedar roof slats are available for pickup at our facility in Austin or for onsite delivery (minimum 4-pallet purchase required). The next time you are installing a roof, keep us in mind for fulfill your Dallas roof batten needs!


Viking Fence’s Roof Batten Specifications

  • Compliant with City of Austin building code
  • 1” x 2” x 4’, in bundles of 24 sticks (96 linear ft.)
  • 1 palette = 50 bundles (4800 linear ft. of battens)
  • Two-ton truckload qty = 12 palettes (57,600 lin. Ft.)
  • Full truckload quantities = 40 palettes (192,000 lin. ft)
  • Green building product.


Full truckload purchases require a minimum of 48-hour notice


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