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Iron Fence Solutions


Iron Fence Solutions in the Metroplex

At Viking Fence, we strive to provide the best quality assortment of fence products at the best value and our iron fence product is no exception.  With quality second to none, our iron fences go through an extensive 5-layer manufacturing and coating process, with each layer contributing to the overall durability of your fence solution.  Backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, get the peace of mind knowing your investment will last the test of time.



The Best Value in Iron Fencing in Dallas

Whether you purchase for looks or for protection, the quality of iron fencing you choose is liable to show defects, oxidize and rust if you go with a cheap solution.  This is why, at Viking Fence Dallas, we offer a premium product with five layers of protection. We are NOW STOCKING iron additions at our Garland location!

  1. We start off with durable iron alloy steel tubing, which is welded and polished.
  2. Then we apply a zinc galvanize layer, which is the first layer of rust protection.
  3. We follow up with a zinc phosphate layer, which is the second layer of rust protection.
  4. Then a complete layer of paint is applied to sections by an electro coating process. This is critical to the prevention of chipping, peeling and corroding by applying a uniform layer throughout the piece.
  5. Lastly, we finish off each piece with a powder coating layer to seal everything in and act as the last defense to the elements.


Keep it Simple

We offer a basic design fence panel solution, which is welded together onsite by our expert installers.  Our basic design can fit into your theme or concept and drastically improve your installation area. 


Sizing Information


Common Uses for Iron Fences:

  • pools
  • backyards
  • common areas and walkways
  • parks
  • playing fields
  • playgrounds
  • and so many more applications – the possibilities are really endless


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Iron Fencing 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Think of us for all your iron fencing needs.  We are a local Texas tradition and we cut out the middle man to bring you the best value and best quality in iron fence products around Garland, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.  Contact us and get your FREE quote today!