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Cedar Tree Box Planters


Tree Boxes/Planters

Tree box planters are fantastic for enhancing a backyard or property. Using tree box planters can provide the fresh new look that your backyard or garden needs. If you want to add some more landscape improvements or shade to your yard, tree boxes give you the ability to plant trees anywhere you see fit.  

Made with Quality Western Red Cedartree-boxes

We select high-quality Western Red Cedar that comes straight from the Pacific Northwest to our lumber mill in Texas. We manage the whole manufacturing process of the product. The natural qualities of Western Red Cedar are tough, lightweight, and resistant to decay. An added benefit of Western Red Cedar is that it naturally repels pests, which protects the tree enclosed within the planter. We completely guarantee our tree box planters are built well with premium lumber and can be easily assembled to last for a long time.  

Tree Box Planter Sizes

Our Tree box panels are palletized and shrink wrapped, with 100 panels (25 tree boxes) per palette and two different sizes, which you can read more about below.


24″ Tree Boxes (Knockdown)

  • 100 sides per pallet
  • Makes 25 Tree boxes – Floors included


  • Top width 22″ inside, 24″ OTO (Outside to Outside)
  • Height 22 1/4″
  • Bottom width 15″ inside, 17″ OTO

36″ Tree Boxes (Knockdown)

  • 100 sides per pallet
  • Makes 25 Tree boxes – Floors included


  • Top width 34″ inside, 36″ OTO
  • Height 30″
  • Bottom width 25″ inside, 27″ OTO


Staying Green in Dallas-Fort Worth

Our tree boxes are green because we make them from surplus wood. Since we operate our very own lumber mill, we can utilize every piece of lumber that comes to our mill. This process allows us to be green by saving excess wood and producing what was going to be scrapped into fully functional tree box planters, among other products. The best part is that we can pass the savings on to our Dallas customers.

Western Red Cedar Tree Boxes vs. Plastic Tree Buckets/Boxes:

  • Western Red Cedar tree box planters have a naturally red tint that gives the wood a beautiful look without adding paint or finish.
  • Our cedar tree boxes typically cost less than plastic tree boxes.
  • Western Red Cedar tree boxes are 100% chemical-free and biodegradable, and can be reused or recycled.
  • Plastic tree boxes are bad for the environment because they are not biodegradable and will most likely end up in the trash.
  • Western Red Cedar tree box planters are easy to assemble and move. Landscapers can easily remove trees from them because they can remove the strapping around the boxes and disassemble the side panels, without damaging the tree.
  • Black tree boxes absorb heat during hot days, which can hurt the root system and potentially kill the tree inside.


Creative Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Here are other creative uses for our cedar tree box planters:

  • Use for your tree farm
  • Use as a raised vegetable planter
  • Enhance your deck or patio layout
  • Plant a tree in your house


We normally carry an inventory of prebuilt knock-down panels ready for prompt delivery. We can price for pick-up from our mill or for delivery. 

Get Dependable and Environmentally Friendly Tree Boxes in Bulk

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