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6 & 8-Foot Picket Fencing


6 & 8-Foot Wood Fence Pickets

Picket fencing is an iconic part of American culture. As a symbol of the American dream, picket fencing has been around since the first American colonies. Picket fencing adds value to your property and enriches the style of your home. Being leaders in the fencing industry, Viking Fence Dallas provide the best materials available for fencing that will last for many years.

High-Quality & Long Lasting Cedar Pickets

Our picket fencing is made from Western Red Cedar from the Pacific Northwest. Its natural composition makes it ideal for fencing because it is pest and decay resistant. This premium lumber comes directly from the Pacific Northwest forests to our own lumber mill in Austin, Texas. We monitor the quality of the product through the entire milling process. Every cut is inspected for defects and categorized in different grades. Since we mill our own Western Red Cedar lumber, we can ensure that we have the best product for our customers at the lowest cost.

Why Select 6 & 8-Foot Picket Fencing?

We have what you need for your project. We offer 4, 6 & 8-foot cuts in varying sizes and grades for any project. Our 6 & 8-foot picking fencing provides a sense of openness while adding protection and security. All lengths are 3/4 inches thick or more of dense wood. You can count on the quality of our cuts to keep their integrity for many years. Don’t settle for thinner, cheaper cuts. No matter what your needs are, we can help you find the right height and grade to suit your Dallas-area project and budget.

Fence Picket Styles

Our picket fence boards come in a number of different cuts and styles. Since we mill our own fencing boards, we can offer a variety of styles in different heights and grades, so you’ll always find something that works for you. Our picket fences come in dog ear, flat top, French gothic and gothic styles. We can help you decide what kind of Western Red Cedar picket fencing will work best for your needs.


Quick Features

Available in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft
3/4 inches thick or more
Pest and decay resistant
Long Lasting
Comes in various grades and styles




Select #1 – 5/4” board (1” thick), appearance grade, smooth on all 4 sides (custom order)
Select #2 – 3/4” thick board, graded for tight knot, no-hole boards
Select #3 – 3/4” thick board, Economy/Builder’s grade (rustic)



Dog Ear
Flat top
French Gothic



As low as $1.59 – Check Out Our Current Pricing Promotions for Pickets

Whether you’re building a 6’ tall fence or an 8’ tall fence, no other company has more options than Viking Fence. We stock 4 Options for 8’ Tall Fences! Click below for a comparison of Grade and Price of each board. Call to get more details.


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Order Western Red Cedar fence pickets, in small and large quantities, directly from Viking Fence and Viking Fence Dallas.

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